This document explains Coto Note Version 1.3.2.

Coto Note User Guide

1. Introduction

Coto Note

1.1. Overview

Coto Note is a simple handwriting application for digitizer supported Android tablets.

1.2. Key Features

  • PDF Export

  • Google Drive Support ( via Storage Access Framework )

  • Stroking with Stylus

  • Manipulating with Finger

1.3. Requirement

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat or newer

  • Digitizer stylus such as S Pen supported Android tablet

1.4. Installation

Get the Coto Note app on Google Play Store.

1.5. Getting help

If you have any questions, please make contact. And also your feedback will be much appreciated.

To get update information, see Twitter.

2. Using Coto Note

2.1. Overview

There are two screens.

  • (1) Editor

  • (2) Settings

2.2. (1) Editor

Coto Note Editor

Use stylus in order to draw strokes and use finger in order to manipulate them.

  • Zoom : Pinch in out with two fingers

  • Scroll : Swipe background with two fingers

  • Switch Pen or Eraser : Tap pen icon in the left top corner

  • Undo / Redo : Tap undo or redo icon in the left bottom corner

  • Temporary Group : Lasso a sketch with a finger

  • Persistent Group : Lasso a sketch with a finger and tap the group icon

By making temporary or persistent group, you can move them with a finger.
And also you can delete them drag and drop into the trashcan icon in the right bottom corner.

2.2.1. Actions

Coto Note Actionbar Icons
  • Share : Export sketch as PDF

  • Menu : New / Open / Save / Save as / Close and Settings

  • Fullscreen : Enter fullscreen mode

2.2.2. File Menu and Settings

Coto Note Menu Items

For File Operation

  • New

  • Open

  • Save

  • Save As

  • Close

For Settings

  • Settings : See Settings section in this document

2.2.3. Change Pen Color and Stroke Width

make group
  1. Tap the pen icon on the left top corner

To hide the pen settings panel, tap the pen icon again.

2.2.4. Group

make group
  1. Lasso a sketch with a finger → A temporary group is created.

  2. Tap the group icon on the bottom toolbar

2.2.5. Ungroup

  1. Tap a group with a finger → It’s selected.

  2. Tap the ungroup icon on the bottom toolbar

2.2.6. Delete group

  1. Drag a group and drop the trashcan in the right bottom corner.

2.3. (2) Settings

Coto Note Settings
  • Storage Access Framework

    • Coto Note MIME Type Filtering :

  • Toolbar

    • Location

  • Misc.

    • Graph Line Opacitiy

    • Back Key Prevent app close when pushing back key

    • Status Bar Hide or show the status bar

    • Screen Keep screen On or Off

2.4. Drag and Drop sketch

Coto Note

This app can drag and drop sketch between some apps:

  • Coto Note +

  • Small Sketch Box

  • Small Sketch

Drag and drop data has only strokes, so that color and stroke width info are lost when drag and drop.