This document explains Graph Paper Version 1.3.2.

Graph Paper User Guide

1. Introduction

Graph Paper

1.1. Overview

Graph Paper is an idea organizing application such as mind mapping with handwriting for Android tablets.

1.2. Key Features

  • Directly channel your thoughts using Stylus and Finger

  • Multiple mindmaps ( central nodes ) in one document

  • PDF Export (Premium Subscription)

1.3. Requirements

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat or newer.

  • An Android tablet with S-Pen support

This app is designed for Stylus such as S-Pen.
If your android tablet does not have Stylus support, you can choose Non S-Pen Mode in the settings.

1.4. Installation

Get the Graph Paper for S-Pen app on Google Play.

1.5. Getting help

If you have any questions, please make contact. And also your feedback will be much appreciated.

To get update information, see Facebook / Twitter.

2. Using Graph Paper

2.1. Overview

There are three screens.

  • (1) File Manager

  • (2) Editor

  • (3) Settings

2.2. (1) File Manager

This is for document management.

File Manager
  • New Document Add New document

  • Copy Document Copy document

  • Pin Document Pin document

  • Delete Document Delete document

  • Menu Menu

2.2.1. Menu Menu

Import Export Document
  • Import Document Import document from Google Drive

  • Export Document Export selected document in Google Drive

2.3. (2) Editor

This is for writing down your thoughts.


When write down your thoughts, use Stylus such as S-Pen, when manipulate them, use with Finger.

  • Writing down your thoughts with strokes ( Stylus )

  • Erasing strokes ( Stylus )

  • Zoom and Scroll (Two Fingers)

  • Zoom in (Double Tap with One Finger)

  • Make Group (Finger)

  • Move Group (Finger)

  • Copy Group

  • Ungroup (Finger)

  • Link Groups (Finger)

  • Delete Group (Finger)

  • menu

    • Export

    • Settings

    • Get Premium

2.3.1. Switch Tool, Pen or Eraser

Use the Switch Toolbar on the top right.

Tool Switcher

2.3.2. Edit Toolbar

Edit Toolbar
  • Group ( Convert a temporary group to a persistent group ) / Ungroup

  • Copy group

  • Delete ( Delete group or link )

  • Undo

  • Redo

2.3.3. Creating Temporary Group and Persistent Group

Step 1) There are some strokes

Grouping Step 1

Step 2) Lasso strokes with Finger

Grouping Step 2

Step 3) These strokes are converted to a temporary group

Grouping Step 3
You can move a temporary group with finger.

Step 4) (Optional) In order to convert from a temporary group to a persistent one, long press this temporary group with finger

Grouping Step 4
You can also convert from a temporary group to a presistent one with Group Group of the bottom Edit Toolbar Edit Toolbar.

2.3.4. Ungrouping Group

Step 1) Tap a group to make it selected

Ungrouping Step 1

Step 2) Tap Ungroup Ungroup of the bottom Edit Toolbar Edit Toolbar

Ungrouping Step 1
You can also ungroup with finger gesture

2.3.5. Ungrouping Group with finger gesture

Step 1) There is a group to ungroup

Ungrouping with gesture Step 1

Step 2) Draw a line in a vertical direction on this group with Finger

Ungrouping with gesture Step 2

Step 3) Made it ungrouped

Ungrouping with gesture Step 3

2.3.6. Deleting Group

Step 1) Tap a group to delete

Step 2) Tap Delete Delete of the bottom Edit Toolbar Edit Toolbar

You can also delete group with finger gesture

2.3.7. Deleting Group with finger gesture

Step 1) There is a group to ungroup

Step 2) Draw a line in a horizontally direction on this group with Finger

Step 3) Deleted it

Step 1) There are some groups

Linking Step 1

Step 2) Tap a source group to select

Linking Step 2

Step 3) Start dragging Link Handle on the source group

Linking Step 3
Two gray dots as Link Handle are located on the group border left and right side.

Step 4) Drop it into another destination group

Linking Step 4

Step 5) Make them linked

Linking Step 5

Step 1) Tap a link (arrow) to delete

Linking Step 1

Step 2) Tap the Delete Delete to delete and make it deleted

Linking Step 3
The Delete Delete is located on the left bottom toolbar.

2.3.10. Menu Menu

Export document
Export dialog

You can export active document to PNG / PDF.
There are two types export area fitting option Fit to Content and Fit to Paper.

The PDF export feature needs Premium Subscription. In details, see Premium Subscription section in this document.

See the (3) Settings section in this document.

Get Premium

See the Premium Subscription section in this document.

2.4. (3) Settings

This is for Settings.

  • Paper Size

  • Background Type

  • Pen Stroke Width

  • Edit Toolbar

  • S-Pen Calibration

  • S-Pen Mode

2.4.1. Paper Size

You can choose paper size from A3(landscape) to A6(landscape).

Paper Size Settings

2.4.2. Background Type

You can choose a background type.

Background Type Chooser

Left is the graph-paper type background, right is the dot-paper type background.

Background Types

2.4.3. Pen Stroke Width

You can choose a pen stroke width.

Pen Stroke Width Settings

2.4.4. Edit Toolbar

You can choose the Edit Toolbar Edit Toolbar location Left or Right side.

If you are left handedness, it were better choice the Right side.

2.4.5. S-Pen Calibration

If you use another style such as Wacom Bamboo Stylus feel or any other S-Pen compatible stylus, this option is useful.

X coordinate ( -10 .. +10 )

Calibration X Settings

Y coordinate ( -10 .. +10 )

Calibration Y Settings

3. Additional Information

3.1. Premium Subscription

This app is free.
But additional useful features are provided with Premium Subscription. If you like this app, please consider to get Premium Subscription and support this app better.

3.1.1. Additinal useful features for Premium

For now, only the PDF export feature is provided.

3.1.2. How to get Premium Subscription

Step 1) Go to the Editor Screen.

Step 2) Select Menu and Get Premium menu item.

Get Premium

Step 3) Show Premium Subscription dialog and get it.

3.1.3. Canceling the Premium Subscription

Step 1) Go to the Graph Paper for S-Pen on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 2) Tap the subscription Cancel button.