This document explains MindBoard (Draw) Version 1.3.3.


This is a simple drawing application for Android tablets.

mb draw
Figure 1. mindboard draw

1. Key Features

  • You can create a drawing by freehand on tablets.

  • You can export drawing as PDF.

  • File Manager Matrix : 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10.

  • You can change file order by drag and drop in File Manager.

  • Draw, erase, undo, redo, zoom, scroll in Editor.

  • You can use 8 colors.

  • Test on Nexus7 / GALAXY Note / Acer ICONIA Tab.

2. Installation

Get the MindBoard (Draw) App on Google Play.


3. Overview

There are two activities, File Manager and Editor.

3.1. File Manager

Figure 2. file manager
  • This is for management your files.

  • In order to enter the Editor, double tap a file icon.

3.2. Editor

Figure 3. editor
  • This is for editing your drawing.

  • In order to back the File Manager, tap the Android hard key Back Button.

4. Details

4.1. File Manager

Figure 4. file manager
  • Add drawing …​ Tap the Add button in the upper left (+).

  • Copy drawing …​ Select a drawing to copy by tapping it.And then tap the Copy icon on the toolbar.

  • Delete drawing …​ Select a drawing to delete by tapping it.And then tap the Delete icon on the toolbar.

  • Change the order of file icon …​ Drag and drop the drawing to change order.

  • Change the Matrix Type …​ Using the slider in the upper right corner.You can change up from 4x4 to 10x10.

4.2. Editor

Figure 5. editor
  • Pen mode …​ Draw your ideas.

  • Eraser mode …​ Delete ideas that you draw.

  • Scroll …​ Drag background with one finger.

  • Zoom …​ Pinch in / out with two fingers.

  • Undo …​ Undo.

  • Redo …​ Redo.

  • Change colour …​ Select a icon of colour from the palette on the action bar.

  • Change thickness of pen …​ Use the slider on the action bar.

  • Export as PDF …​ Select the PDF export menu item on the action bar.


5. FAQ

5.1. What’s different between MB Draw Free and Full Edition.

Free Edition has tow Limitations.

  • You can create drawings file until 25.

  • Exported PDF with watermark.

There is no differences but these two issues.

5.2. How to transfer drawings from Free Edition to Paid Edition when upgrade.

Please use the Manage Data menu item in the File Manager.

5.2.1. Instructions

Step1 : Launch Free Edition

  1. Select the Manage Data menu item in the File Manager.

  2. On the Manage Data Dialog, Select Export data and Tap OK.

Step2 : Launch Full Edition

  1. Select the Manage Data Menu Item.

  2. On the Manage Data Dialog, Select Import data and tap OK.