This document explains MindBoard Pro Version 2.8.5.

MindBoard Pro User Guide

1. Introduction

MindBoard Pro

1.1. Overview

MindBoard Pro is a visual thinking application with handwriting for Android tablets.

1.2. Key Features

  • Directly channel your thoughts using Stylus and Finger

  • Collapsing and Expanding Branches

  • Multiple pen colors and thicknesses

  • PDF Export ( Premium Subscription )

  • Sync Documents between multiple android devices with Google Drive ( Premium Subscription )

  • Theme Editor ( Premium Subscription )

1.3. Requirements

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat or newer.

  • An Android tablet with S-Pen support

This app is designed for the Digitizer Stylus such as S-Pen.
If your android device does not have it, check the S-Pen Mode item off in the Global Settings.

1.4. Installation

Get the MindBoard Pro for S-Pen app on Google Play.

1.5. Getting help

If you have any questions, please make contact. And also your feedback will be much appreciated.

To get update information, see Facebook / Twitter.

2. Using MindBoard Pro

2.1. Overview

There are three main features.

  • (1) Editor

  • (2) File Manager

  • (3) Settings

    • Current Page Settings

    • Global Settings

      • Theme Editor

2.2. (1) Editor

This is for mind-mapping.

There are two modes in Editor.
One is (A) Map Edit Mode, another is (B) Node Edit Mode.

  • In Map Edit Mode, you can edit node strucutre.

  • In Node Edit Mode, you can edit node contents.

2.2.1. (A) Map Edit Mode

Map Edit Mode
  • Go To File Manager Go to File Manager

  • New Document Add New Document

  • Export Document Export as PNG or PDF

  • Settings Current Page Settings

    • See (3) Settings section in this document.

  • Fullscreen Fullscreen

Edit Toolbar
Edit Toolbar
  • Add Center Nodes

  • Delete Nodes

  • Collapse / Expand Nodes

  • Undo

  • Redo

Add Child Nodes
  1. Tap a node. This node is selected.

  2. Drag a handle of this node with Finger.

Child node create handle
Add New Center Nodes
  1. Tap the Add Center Node Button on the Edit Toolbar.

Resize Center Nodes
  1. Tap a center node. The resize handles appears in this center node corners.

  2. Drag this resize handle with Finger.

Change Structure
  1. Choose a child node to change structure. The node change handle appears on the branch.

  2. Drag the node change handle and drop it into another node.

Change the node structure
Change Branch Color
  1. Tap a node. This node is selected.

  2. Choose the Color Button on the Branch Color Toolbar.

Enter in Node Edit Mode
  1. Tap a node with Finger. This node is selected.

  2. Tap this selected node again with Finger. Enter in Node Edit Mode.

You can also use other ways to enter in Node Edit Mode :

  • Double tap a node with Finger.

  • Long press a node with Stylus.

Export current active document as PNG or PDF
  1. Tap the Export PNG or PDF Export Button on ActionBar

  2. The PNG/PDF Export Dialog opens.

Export dialog
The PDF export needs Premium Subscription.
In details, see the Premium Subscription Section in this document.

2.2.2. (B) Node Edit Mode

Node Edit Mode
Tool Switch Toolbar
Tool Switch Toolbar
  • Pen-1

  • Pen-2

  • Pen-3

  • Eraser

Edit Toolbar
Edit Toolbar
  • Delete Group

  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Paste Group

Back to Map Edit mode
  1. Tap the Close Button on the right top corner.

Change Pen Color
  1. Double tap the Pen Button on Tool Switch Toolbar.

  2. The Pen Color Change Dialog opens.

Pen Settings Dialog

2.3. (2) File Manager

This is for document management.

File Manager

2.3.1. ActionBar

  • Go Back to Editor Go Back to Editor

  • Search Documents

  • New Document Add New Documents

  • Import Documents Import Documents

  • Delete Documents Delete All Documents in the Trashcan Folder.

  • Settings Global Settings

    • See (3) Settings Section in this document.

2.3.2. SideBar

  • Primary Folder Primary Folder

  • Archive Folder Archive Folder

  • Trashcan Folder Trashcan Folder

2.3.3. List Item

List Item Menu
  • Sync

  • Pin Document Pin

  • Menu Menu

2.3.4. Menu Menu

Import Export Document and Settings
  • Edit Title

  • Make A Copy

  • Move to Archive

  • Move to Trashcan

  • Export …​ Export Documents into somewhere(e.g. Google Drive).

2.4. (3) Settings

2.4.1. Current Page Settings

Current Page Settings
  • Pen-1

  • Pen-2

  • Pen-3

  • Branch

  • Background

  • Reset to default values

  • Get Premium Subscription

    • See the Premium Subscription Section in this document.

2.4.2. Global Settings

This is for Application Global Settings.

Global Settings
File Sync Service
  • Google Drive

  • Google Account

  • Sycn Frequency


Check theme items that you want to use on.

  • Whiteboard

  • Blackboard

  • Autumn

If mulitple themes are checked, you can choose one when create new document.
Edit Theme

You can customize the default theme color settings.
See details Theme Ediotr Section in this document.

  • Whiteboard

  • Blackboard

  • Autumn

Edit Theme needs Premium Subscription.
Toolbar Location

You can change the Edit Toolbars location Left or Right side.

  • Map Edit Toolbar

  • Node Edit Toolbar

  • NodeHandleSize

  • S-Pen Mode

    • Check this item off if your android device does not have stylus support.

  • Calibration X and Y coordinate

    • If you use another style such as Wacom Bamboo Stylus feel or any other S-Pen compatible stylus, this option is useful.

File Manager
  • Sort Order for documents

  • Status Bar

    • Make Status Bar Show or Hide.

2.5. Theme Editor

You can change the default theme color settings.

Theme Editor Main
Theme Editor needs Premium Subscription.

2.5.1. Color Settings

  • Pen-1 Color Scheme

  • Pen-2 Color Scheme

  • Pen-3 Color Scheme

  • Branch Color Scheme

  • Background Color

Pen-1,2,3 Color Scheme
Theme Editor Pen Color
Branch Color Scheme
Theme Editor Branch Color
Background Color
Theme Editor Branch Color

2.5.2. Reset

  • Reset to default values

3. Additional Information

3.1. The Differences between MindBoad Pro MindBoard Pro App Icon and MindBoard MindBoard App Icon

MindBoard Pro can sync data among multiple android devices with Google Drive App Data.
And MindBoard Pro price model is subscription.

3.2. Import Data from MindBoard MindBoard App Icon to MindBoard Pro MindBoard Pro App Icon

The data format is same. So you can import MindBoard MindBoard App Icon data.

In order to import data :

  1. Export documents to Google Drive in File Manager of MindBoard MindBoard App Icon.

  2. Import documents from Google Drive in File Manager of MindBoard Pro MindBoard Pro App Icon.

3.3. About Premium Subscription

This app is free.
But additional useful features are provided with Premium Subscription.
If you like this app, please consider to get Premium Subscription and support this app better.

3.3.1. Additinal useful features for Premium

For now, there are 3 features with Premium Subscription.

  • Unlimited Documents Sync Service

  • PDF export

  • Theme Editor

3.3.2. Get the Premium Subscription

(1) Go to the Editor Screen.

(2) Tap the Settings Settings Button. The Settings screen opens.

Current Page Settings

(3) Tap Premium the Get Premium Subscription item.

Get Premium Subscription

(4) The Premium Subscription Dialog opens and get it.

3.3.3. Cancel the Premium Subscription

(1) Go to the MindBoard Pro for S-Pen on your Android phone or tablet.

(2) Tap the Subscription Cancel Button.