This document explains Small Sketch Version 1.5.6.

Small Sketch User Guide

1. Introduction

Small Sketch

1.1. Overview

Small Sketch is a simple handwriting application for Android tablets and Chromebooks.

1.2. Key Features

  • PDF Export

  • Intuitive Interaction Design

  • No Frills UI

1.3. Requirements

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat or newer

  • S Pen or Digitizer Stylus.

1.4. Installation

Get Small Sketch for S-Pen app on Google Play.

1.5. Getting help

If you have any questions, please make contact. And also your feedback will be much appreciated.

To get update information, see Facebook / Twitter.

2. Using Small Sketch

2.1. Overview

This app has two kinds of screen.

2.2. (1) Editor


This is the main screen for sketching.

When drawing sketch, use Pen , when manipulating them, use Finger.

2.2.1. Features

A stared group is used as the page thumbnail in file manager.

2.2.2. ActionBar

Editor Actionbar
  • Go To File Manager Go to File Manager

  • New Page Add New Page

  • Export Page Export current active page as PDF

  • Fullscreen Fullscreen

2.2.3. Pen and Eraser Toolbar

Pen and Eraser Toolbar

It’s in the top left of screen.

2.2.4. Edit Toolbar

Edit Toolbar

It’s in the left bottom of screen.

  • UndoUndo

  • RedoRedo

  • DeleteDelete : Delete selected group

  • GroupGroup / UngroupUngroup

  • StarStar : Make group stared

2.2.5. Clipboard Panel

It’s in the right bottom.

  • ClipboardClipboard

Tap the icon and show clipboard panel, and tap again hide it.

Clipboard Panel

2.2.6. Group Manipulation

Make Group

Lassoing some strokes with finger, a temporary group is created.
And also lassoing some groups ( and some strokes ) with finger, a temporary group’s group is created.
It’s possible to change a temporary group with a persisitent group with tapping group icon on Edit Toolbar.


  1. Lasso some strokes and make them temporary group.

  2. Tap group icon.

Make Ungroup


  1. Tap a group with finger and make it selected.

  2. Tap ungroup icon.

Move Group


  1. Tap a group with finger and make it selected.

  2. Drag it with finger.

Resize Group


  1. Tap a group with finger and make the group selected.

  2. Drag the resize handle of the group in the right bottom.

Copy Strokes / Copy Group

It’s impossible to copy them directly. But using with Clipboard Panel, it’s possible.


  1. Tap clipboard icon and clipboard panel is shown.

  2. Tap a group with finger and make it selected. / Lasso strokes and make theme temporary group.

  3. Drag and Drop it into clipboard panel.

  4. Drag and Drop it from clipboard panel to editor canvas again.

2.3. (2) File Manager

File Manager

This is the file management screen.

2.3.1. Features

  • Pin: Keep items to the top

  • Single Tap Item: Select the item

  • Double Tap Item: Open the item

2.3.2. ActionBar

Finder Actionbar
  • Go Back To Editor Go back to Editor

  • New Page Add New Page

  • Trash Page Trash Page: Move page into trash folder

  • Menu Menu

    • Download Download Page

    • Upload Upload Page

2.3.3. SideBar

Finder Sidebar
  • Primary Folder Primary Folder: Show Primary Page Items

  • Trashcan Folder Trashcan Folder: Show Trashed Page Items

3. Additinal Information

3.1. Ssf2img

Ssf2img is a command line tool for Small Sketch file (SSF).
You can convert SSF file into SVG,PNG and PDF on Windows/MacOS/Linux.